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Cute Bulletin Board with Social Studies and Math Integrated!

Well, I haven’t been behind a computer screen much at all this week because I have been putting my room back together and decorating my door.  I don’t have many bulletin boards to cutesy up, so I take out my cutesyness  on my door.  I thought I would share this idea with you all.  I came up with this idea last year when there was discussion about integrating science and social studies into math and literacy.  I had read the book America by the Numbers: One Nation which made me want to decorate my door with a flag and ask questions about the number of stars, stripes, etc to infuse math. 

The only problem I faced was finding an appropriately sized flag.  To buy a  large one was too much money and too large for my door.  The only other ones I had seen while shopping were too small.  Just my luck last week I was talking to a colleague who didn’t want a large flag covering up her only window.  So, we traded flags because I had an extra one that was smaller from somewhere rolled up in a closet.  Now, what to use for a background?  I was originally going to use some cloud bulletin board paper at available at teacher stores when I stumbled across this adorable sparkly fireworks fabric at Jo-Anne’s.  A little plug for Jo-Anne’s–they offer teacher discounts!  Then I made some white stars for the door with math questions in them to stimulate student thinking.  If you want to use this idea, I made the stars available for free here:  StarsForFlagBulletinBoard.


4 Responses to Cute Bulletin Board with Social Studies and Math Integrated!

  • Amira DeZwaan says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you shared. I love the idea of cutting the clock. I plan on doing that tomorrow. Also, I was using your numbered fingers a different way before i read your EXPLANATION. it could work for higher than 30, however, i am stuck on how to teach the kids to keep track of how many times they counted. i can keep track because i know up to what number i should count, however, for the kids, i am trying to figure out a system. Maybe you can help!
    Ex: like you said, each finger has 3 parts. so, let’s say i want to multiply 3X6=18, then i would count on my thumb, 1,2,3, then on my pointer, 4,5,6, then back to my thumb, 7,8,9, pointer, 10,11,12, thumb, 13,14,15, then pointer, 16,17,18. so, i counted three times from section 1 to section 6 three times to get the answer 18. This idea can work for any number to give the correct answer. i am just stuck on how to teach the kids to keep track of how many times they counted up to that specific number, and how to stop at the right answer. do i make sense?
    Thank you again for sharing your awesome ideas.
    follower for life.

    • Ms. K says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad that you are finding the ideas on teacherblogspot useful!

      I would have the students hold up each finger as they count by 3’s so they could hold up their thumb and count 1, 2, 3, their pointer finger 4, 5, 6, while the other fingers are down until they count them. Then 7,8, 9, on their middle finger as they raise it, 10, 11, 12 as they raise their fourth finger, and 13, 14, 15 on their last finger as they raise it, and 16, 17, 18 on the thumb of their next hand. Before they count they would have to count out the number of fingers that they would use. If they know they are going to use 3×6, then they will have to know to stop at the 6th finger. If that proves too difficult then maybe you could give them a small smiley face sticker to put on the finger they know they are supposed to stop counting on. I think that if kids are getting mixed up counting their fingers this way, that they should find another strategy that will work for them. Maybe they should use a circle mat with counters or something. The finger counting was kid invented, but it may not make sense to every child. Do you have a circle mat? If not, I will post a freebie one on my blog just for you!

  • Amira DeZwaan says:

    Sorr all my I are small because the message was typed all in caps. Did not realize that it would post in lower case. Pretend all the words I are in capital letter.

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