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Moon Pie Phases

Do you need a simple moon phases lesson. This is it. First we discussed how the moon reflects the light of the sun and how the moon is orbiting around the earth and how the earth is orbiting the sun. Then I used a flashlight to reflect off the aluminum foil paper plate moon I had made so that the students could see how this worked. This video helped discuss the moon phases.

Next, we discussed the simple phases of the moon and shaded in eight circles to represent each phase. We also discussed the reason for the name “quarter” and related it to fractions. Here is a great website to visit about moon phases.

*Full moon

*waxing gibbous

*first quarter

*waxing crescent

*new moon

*waning crescent

*3rd quarter

*waning gibbous

Finally, I assigned students to look at the night sky each night to color in their moon calendar which I downloaded for free here. I had students watch the moon for an entire month, color, and label the phases. I told students I would have a “little something” for them if they brought their paper back completed.

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How Can You Build a Turkey Gobbler with Your Students

First, what does a turkey even sound like. We mislead students many times by saying, “gobble, gobble,” when in fact they sound nothing like this. Show students this video so they can hear a real turkey.

Then I have them practice making a turkey sound. Next I hand out toilet paper rolls to everyone and ask them to see if they can make the turkey gobbler sound. We discuss how something must be missing. I direct students to feel their throat and discuss what they feel. Some students will be able to name what they feel as the word vibration. I then have them make their turkey gobbler after we talk about how sound is made from vibration. Oh and by the way, did you know that turkeys only “gobble” when they are looking for a mate OR lying down to rest similar to the sound we make when we are stretching to lie down.

After they receive their cardboard roll and unsuccessfully make a turkey sound, I come by and attach wax paper over the top with a rubber band directing them to be careful with the wax paper. If they are not, it can tear, of course. While I am attaching wax paper, I let the students decorate the cardboard with markers etc. I also tried this with red tissue paper so that it looks more like a turkey and while the sound works, I didn’t trust small children not to make a hole in the tissue paper with their wet mouth. 🙂

I did this lesson with kindergarteners and first graders. It actually worked best with first graders and they were able to have more self control with stopping their turkey gobbler sound. I have them put the “gobbler” in their backpack after we have made it and after they have all made a little sound together–for the sanity of the classroom teacher (wink, wink) and me.

Happy Thanksgiving my teacher friends!

A Worm Named Oreo

Leaving school one day I hear a discussion among kids on the playground. “What did you name your worm? I named mine Oreo.” The girl says she named hers Oreo because it looked like an Oreo with all the dirt on it. Paper plates seemed to work well for containing the worms for observation. You have to be careful though because the worms can wander off if you don’t watch them. I found one trying to crawl off of a student desk. I lost another one, but the custodian found it on the floor. Hey, I added excitement to his day! LOL!

This discussion came as a result of me teaching them about worms and them looking closely at the body parts of a worm. To add an element of creativity, I had students name their worm. We did this after watching the Diary of a Worm on video. I love this book for it’s imagination into the creative world.

Students are studying ecosystems, so I plan to build a worm farm of sorts in their classroom. For now, I am just holding onto the worms until we learn a little more. To build a worm farm, you need a container, dirt, old newspaper, and some vegetable scraps. Of course, you need worms. I purchased mine at Wal-mart in the sporting goods section. Until we learn more I am storing them in the refrigerator on a not too cold setting in some dirt. I have given them an old banana peel in case they need a snack. This website has some good information on worm farming. You will need a container, dirt, old newspaper, and some vegetable scraps. Until we learn more I am storing them in the refrigerator on a not too cold setting in some dirt. I have given them an old banana peel in case they need a snack. This website has some good information on worm farming if you want to build one.

The great thing about showing students worms is that I got some work out of some students who don’t normally produce work just so they got to look at a worm. I will give you more information soon about our worm farm adventures.

Is Your Brain Sweating? You need this.

I had listened to Ian Byrd over at wh’llenging to do. I have borrowed his idea when I give my students difficult puzzles etc. I tell the students they are going to need brain deodorant because I am going to make their brain sweat so bad. Well this year, for humor’s sake I actually brought in a tube of brain deodorant. This is actually a tube of deodorant that I don’t use. I just added a label that says brain deodorant. The students actually rub their head with it (haha!) when I ask them to do something hard. I kind of love this. :). When I am not so teacher busy, I will make a better label for it, but you get the idea.

What Can You Do with a Mirror to Educate?

I recently saw this in a school I visited. This was not my idea, but I thought it was a clever use of a mirror. Supposedly this is something that “Leader in Me” schools do. Do you have any ideas for a clever use of a mirror in a classroom?

In addition, this summer my aunt was getting rid of an old mirror from her house. When I asked about where the mirror originated, I learned that it was from the home of her late friend’s mother-in-law. That would make this beautiful mirror an antique. I plan on putting inspirational phrases above the mirror throughout the school year. Some children have said the mirror reminds them of some fantasy books they have read. I love the way the antique mirror in beautifully unexpected in a classroom.

Your Room Decor Can Set the Mood for Learning

I just wanted to show a picture of my ceiling because it makes me happy. This is how I decorated my room for the beginning of the school year. The lighting helps bring a warm feeling to the room and brings a mood of excitement. Even when my students don’t come for a day or so, I turn these on to make myself happy :).

What We Aren’t Taught in School

I saw this on Facebook recently and felt that I had to share it. How true and how profound! At least in gifted education, which I currently teach, I do have some freedom to teach kindness which in essence is teaching love.

Quick, Easy, and Fancy Storage

I have been collecting a lot of things such as you do when you are a good teacher. Your tool chest of supplies helps you become a great teacher! Well…with the collection, came a need for more storage. Enter tablecloth fabric I had forgotten from a while back. You just move over every few inches and place another thumbtack kind of overlapping the previous section about an inch to make the pretty ruffles.

See how easy it is to attach to a table with thumbtacks. This made a beautiful calming storage piece for my classroom. I just love it!

Even My Principal Remarked How Calming My Room Smelled

Like many of you I have been cleaning my room. Because of the last two years of germ hyper vigilance, I wanted to make sure everything was dust and germ free. With that, I used a Norwex cloth AND my Thieves household cleaner. Both of them knock germs out! The Norwex cloth is rather amazing because it sucks dust up and doesn’t just push it around. I’ve never seen anything like a Norwex cloth, and I keep one at school. Right before the first day of school, my principal came by and remarked how calming my room smelled!

The great thing about Thieves cleaner is that you only need about an ounce to mix with water. I use a Dollar Tree spray bottle and keep it in my classroom for any cleaning needs. The BONUS is that it freshens the air while you clean without any toxic cleaners.




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