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Ms. K

Merry Christmas!

So Fun Thanksgiving Lesson!

This is probably one of the best lessons I have ever done for Thanksgiving, and it worked so well for including virtual students! I changed the idea a bit from Ian Byrd of where he talks about switching poems around from one holiday to another. Instead of doing this, I decided to have students switch around a Christmas carol to a Thanksgiving carol.

First I asked students to think of a carol for Thanksgiving. Of course I knew they wouldn’t be able to think of one because as far as I know, there are none. I let the students think it was their idea to make Thanksgiving carols. Then I gave students about five well known carols to choose from. I told them to consider syllables and rhyming words. Then I told them to change the words to a Thanksgiving song. I got some really great songs. My favorite part was having them preform their songs on Zoom. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” became “Robert the Blue Beaked Turkey” and I heard “five roast beefs” sung where “five gold rings” would have otherwise been proudly belted out. Then I uploaded the recordings to Class Dojo. I received great comments from parents and teachers!

I hope this gives you a way to add fun and creativity to your next Thanksgiving season!

Tag You’re It! Spread a Little Needed Sunshine!

I am on the Sunshine Committee. I assume you have one of these at your school, too. In case you don’t, this is a group of teachers who makes sure kind things happen to people having babies, getting married, having deaths in the family and so forth. In other words they do kind things to help spread building happiness.

This year since morale is pretty low from all the extra work load which teachers everywhere are facing, I decided to do this. You are welcome to copy my idea. I put small candles in three people’s boxes throughout the school. These candles had a note attached which reads like below.

TAG You’re It!

Do something kind for someone else in the building NOT on your team (grade levels etc.). Then you give the candle to the person you did something kind for. It will be “IT’s” job to “tag” someone else by doing something kind for them. It could be anything–a kind email, a kind note, a kind act, a gift, a compliment or whatever. At times,,try to think of someone who may go unnoticed. Keep the candle burning and pass it on!. Pass it within three days so more kindness can be spread. You can be anonymous or not.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Luxurious Yet Cheap Gift

For all my colleagues, I used my essential oil hobby to make a gift for them all. I made mini diffusers for the car. Teachers can clip these onto their car air vent for a calming experience when they are driving home after a crazy day.

You just need 4 items: glue gun

2. cute felt pieces

3. clothes pins

4. Young Living essential oils

Hot glue a felt piece to the clothes pin. I found these really cute flowers at Hobby Lobby. Then drop one or two drops of essential oil onto the felt. I put mine in a sealed plastic bag to hold in the oil scent and included a note. I am posting what I said on the note below in case you want to copy the idea.

Here is an essential oil diffuser for your car.  Clip it on your air vent or anywhere else you like.  It is loaded with a drop of Young Living lavender and peppermint.  This should help make your car an oasis of calm when you leave work today.

Thinking of ways to be kind helps distract me from the overwhelming (at times) work load and hopefully distracts the receiver of the gift also.

What a Clever Bulletin Board Border!

I saw this idea in the hallway. It was not my own, but LOOK how clever and beautiful! This is just vibrant colored paper folded in half. Then it is folded in a fan shape and stapled at the bottom The colors alternate. I think this is so beautiful and unique. Give it a try on your next board!

Use the Loom Platform to Make Your Virtual Life Easier!

I’m so glad someone told me about Loom! This virtual platform for video recording has helped my virtual workflow so much! Making videos once took so many more steps than when I began using Loom. Here are some reasons I love Loom!

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. It gives me a place to store all of my videos.
  3. I can do screen recordings OR camera recordings.
  4. I can do screen recordings AND camera recordings at the same time.
  5. It gives me a countdown clock before it starts recording.
  6. I can password protect all of my work and share my password with students and families.
  7. I can easily copy the link to share
  8. There are no ads.

Check out Loom here.

Encourage Your Coworkers

During this time of uncertainty, everyone around you is feeling the pressure of the unknown–even the secretaries and custodians. Have compassion on others. Be kind. Encourage. Appreciate others. Be aware that it isn’t just you feeling the pressure. It is everyone.

At times like these, even though you are pressed for time, take time that will multiply back to you. Do whatever is in your own heart for others in kindness. Here is an idea to help you spark an idea of your own.

I bought Reece’s cups for many of my coworkers and labeled it Reece’s for resiliency. Then I wrote a note to my teachers to tell them how special they were and how amazing all they were doing was.

Clean Your Classroom and Give Germs a Run for their Money!

I spent days dusting my new room this year. I consolidated a shared room and shared supplies from myself and a retiring teacher. There was plenty of DUST, so I sure was glad that my friend introduced me to Norwex cleaning supplies! They collect dust like nobody’s business. I saved a ton of paper towels and was much more efficient because I didn’t have to keep going back to get more paper towels. These cleaning cloths by Norwex are absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like them! They clean an amazing amount of dust and disinfect with just a little water. I also use my Thieves creamer in a spray bottle. I’m not having to use Lysol. A simple rinsing out with water lets me start all over like I had a clean paper towel. I saved time and have a much cleaner and safer classroom! You can go here if you want to get a Norwex cloth, too.




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