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Seize This Easy Opportunity for Students to Measure

I’m always trying to find ways to help kids learn math by osmosis :).  I try to hang vocabulary words and other mathematical items in the hallway near the bathrooms to help kids learn while they are waiting in line.  I even asked my principal a few years ago if I could hang a multiplication fact on the back of each bathroom stall door.  I thought they could learn a fact while they were sitting there on the, you know, toilet :).  My principal unfortunately didn’t like the idea.  She thought the kids would write on them.  This is one of those times when I wished I would have asked for forgiveness rather than permission!   Now onto the easy measurement experience for kids.

The fun measurement activity started with my mom.  (I must take a moment and tell how thoughtful my mom is!  I love her! :))  I really appreciate how my mom supports my teaching and blogging efforts.  She is always sending me items to use for school.  This time she sent me this growth chart she had gotten from somewhere.  I laminated and hung it up near the restrooms so that students could measure themselves in inches.  After it had been hung up a while, I realized that many of the students in the 2nd-4th grade hallway were too tall for the chart so later on I hung up a measuring tape beside it which goes to 60 inches.  The teachers in the hallway are always telling me that kids love to measure themselves.  Many of them measure themselves from week to week to see if they have grown from one week to the next.  I hung a sign above the measuring chart that asks students how tall they would be in feet and inches.  Later on, I added the arrows that show how many feet every 12 inches are worth.   That way a student will at least be a good estimator to five feet or 60 inches.  Below are pictured the measuring tape and the sign that are hung outside the bathroom.  I know you may be thinking that kids will waste time  instead of coming back to class…but on the contrary the students that are measuring themselves are actually having a meaningful hands-on learning experience even if it does take an extra minute.


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