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10 Ways to Avoid Summer Brain Rot

  1. Send children outside to collect something. For example, collect, rocks, leaves, flowers, dirt samples. What similarities and differences do you see in each thing?
  2. Grow something that attracts butterflies such as dill and notice what happens as the caterpillars grow. Do they see any caterpillars shedding their skin as they grow?
  3. Go outside with a magnifying glass and look at crawling bugs. Where are they going? Are they carrying anything? Why?
  4. Oldie but a goodie If you have the neighborhood for it, set up a lemonade stand. Have children figure out how much they would have to charge per glass to make money.
  5. Learn some information above your grade level. Parents can sign their children up for Super Teacher Worksheets and either brush up on topics they need some review with or work to learn skills above their grade level.
  6. Look at the sky and find cloud pictures. What do chidden see? Do others see something different?
  7. Draw a picture of your backyard. Now draw a picture of your DREAM backyard. What would you change and why?
  8. For older children, buy some vinegar and baking soda. Discuss chemical reactions and the Periodic Table. Old film canisters and ziplock bags work great for a closed environment to mix the baking soda and vinegar. The pressure will build and “pop”. the kids will get instant smile with pleasure when the chemical reaction explodes. Protective eyewear would probably be best or just stand at a distance.
  9. Teach your dog new tricks. Make videos of these to share with your friends.
  10. My very favorite: Make an angletron like I discussed in the previous post and see how many places you can find the Golden Angle in nature. Here is a printable protractor so you can easily make a Golden Angle measuring tool

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