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Boost Morale Among Your Coworkers!

I just recently started a “Brag Book” I will call it. In this book I wrote something encouraging to one teacher and dated he entry. The teacher that the book was passed to will write something nice about another teacher and so on. At the end of the year, the book will be filled with kind words. Teachers are always beaten down by how they don’t measure up. As if they are the only ones who caused their students to not achieve. Teachers do have something to do with student growth, BUT there are many other factors involved. If a child doesn’t achieve it isn’t always because of the teacher! Teachers aren’t responsible for every aspect of a child’s life and will never be able to replace parents who raises their child with work ethic and values. Take a deep breath teachers! All you can do is your best. After that go home with the peace of mind that you did your best. 🙂

So to continue the story of the Brag Book, I had this idea for a while and only recently put it together. I just began passing it around. Here’s to a more encouraging school year where we lift one another up…it is so easy to tear people down with our words when we get frustrated with the demands of work.

Below you sill see some photos of the Brag Book. You are welcome to copy this idea to boost morale in your own building.

When I made this I was going for quick and easy. I used silver duct tape and some other washi type tape for color decoration. If I was to do it again, I wouldn’t use silver duct tape since I found out it shows fingerprints and smudges. Duct tape did work nicely to cover well. It WAS quick AND easy.

I got these inspirational stickers at Hobby Lobby to stick all over the book. I really like the phrases that were inn them.

I look forward by the end of the year to have lots of encouragement inside one book!

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