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A Few of the Best 100 Days of School Dress Up Costumes!

The following are some of the best 100 days of school dress up that we had.  We incorporated our Math Family Night with our Students’ 100th day of School Celebration.  I sent this letter that I used last year to inform parents of the day’s dress up celebration.  Again I used a rubric I adapted from Ms. Saoud’s blog at Primary Graffiti here.

Which costume do you like best?

Which child’s costume do you think won?

I’ll tell you at the end of the post!  🙂



My favorites are the “Name Your Own Star” –how clever…and the wrestlers belt–how creative!  I also especially like the student in the school uniform with the notes safety pinned to her because it looks very kid done!  Each note has a different word on it.

Here is my favorite staff dress up outfit. 

We also had a couple of staff members who dressed up like they were a hundred years old.  They had walkers and all!  One of our staff members had a sign on her front that said I am 100 years old.  On her back she had a question that asked, “When was I born?”  The kids had to bring her the answer written on a piece of paper.

I have a thing for puffballs, so I used 100 puffballs to make a scarf of sorts.  It didn’t quite turn out like I had wanted.  I used hot glue, so it was a bit stiff.  I glued all the puffballs to a ribbon.  Maybe if I was more of a seamstress it could have been a real scarf!  Nevertheless the kids loved the scarf and wanted to touch the puffs.  I gave the scarf away to one of the kids who asked me if he could have it at the end of the day.  I guess you get to see my totally cute new phone cover in the picture, too!  What an added perk! 🙂

To answer your question if you were wondering which child won from above, the first picture won of the little girl in the red shirt with all of the beads hanging down from safety pins.



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