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Free Class Doorman!

Oh my gosh!  I have just been introduced to a lifesaver!  For you to understand the depth of my appreciation for the class Doorman, you will have to hear the whole story…


BANG…DA-DUM!  My door has just been shut again by the custodian on one of many occasions because I left it open when I merely ran down the short hall to make a copy.  I mean I was going to come right back, so why close the door?   Then I would have to wrangle the key out of my pocket and open the door AGAIN wasting precious time.  You see, we have an “energy guy” in the district who literally comes to our school at unannounced times to see if we have our doors shut (these are inside doors mind you).  If our doors are not shut then our school is documented in some sort of way.  I don’t know what happens to all this documentation, but nevertheless we are documented.  We can also be documented for leaving our computers on.  Even over Christmas break, we have gotten little notes that say you left the itty bitty light on your button’s monitor on…  (whaaaaaaa????   me???? no never!!!)  The little bitty button costs a total of .6 cents to leave on for the entire year–YES, 6 tenths of a cent.

Anyway, back to the Doorman—So, you see, when I was introduced to the Doorman, it meant I didn’t have to run to answer the door, I could just say “come in.”  I could also run down the hallway to make a copy without unearthing the key out of my pocket–saving time.   Like I said–LIFESAVER!

The Doorman is a flexible vinyl strip with velcro attached that wraps around a door handle.  The other end of the Doorman loops around the handle so that the vinyl covers the latching part of the door as you can see below.  This keeps the door from locking providing many less interruptions.  I  have tried this idea before with a piece of masking tape across the door latch but this has never worked because the tape isn’t ever strong enough to hold the latch in–plus you can’t take the tape off without a hassle.  The Doorman works simply, and you can easily take it off when you need to latch the door.  Then the Doorman just hangs on one of the knobs until you need it again.  Mine blends in nicely with the door when I have it hanging since I have black paper all over my door.  My Doorman is black, but they come in lots of other pretty colors, too.


Guess what?  I’m teaming up with Jen from Teacheropolis to give one Doorman away for free!  All you have to do is comment below with your favorite winter door decoration idea or link.  The contest will close on Sunday, January 26th at midnight.  I will pick a winner at random and announce them on Monday, January, 27th.

2 Responses to Free Class Doorman!

  • Malinda Quinn says:

    There are several I have made (teaching 27 years). I will share the newest idea I thought I would do. Make a big snowman and allow my students to make smaller snowmen. On mine I would write “What does the snowman say?” Similar to “What does a fox say?” Then have the students put speech bubbles by their snowmen to answer. If the little snowmen do not all fit on my door – I will expand to the wall by my door.
    I also love your doorman idea!!

  • One of the phrases I use in winter is “We love our school “snow” much”

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